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Client Testimonials

I had a dent the size of a nickel removed from my front fender at Autodent on Doncaster. To complicate things further, the dent was located on a crease. After Chad was done with it, you could not tell there was ever any damage. I was impressed that Chad buffed out the damage to the clearcoat. He didn't stop until it was absolutely flawless. The casualness and the friendliness in the garage was refreshing. If you ever go, let them know the guy with the 2007 335i sent you!


My husband and I want to sincerely thank you at Autodent for the excellent work done on our car yesterday. We were getting estimates as high as $2500 for the dent repair and were being told we would have to leave our car for up to 4 days. You were able to do it in the same day for significantly less and the results were amazing.

Your service is fantastic and we will strongly recommend Autodent to anyone we know that's in need your services. Thanks again!

Elisha & Omar

Afternoon Marty,

Just a quick thank you for the great work that Chad did on my 135ic.

I finally mustered the courage to put the hood to the “wax test” over the weekend. The result? A perfect repair!

You guys are definitely on my speed-dial list… thanks again!

Stewart F

As I told Chad, I was delighted with the repair of the dent on my Chrysler 300,

Thank you so much for the work you and the folks at Autodent did on my car.

All the best


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