AUTODENT® Paintless Dent Repair is now training the art of PDR. An exciting new career in dent repair can be yours. Training packages are available for one on one training by the week or several weeks combined. Territories are available for the right individual who is comfortable in repairing dents and can expand into their own area.

At AUTODENT®, we will teach all aspects of paintless dent repair including but not limited to :

  • Small and Large Dents
  • Dents under braces
  • Aluminum repair
  • Crease Bodyline repair
  • Glue pulling repair
  • Hail damage repair
  • Advanced larger difficult dent repair
  • Exotic car repair techniques.

At AUTODENT® we pride ourselves on repairing dents the other PDR companies claim to be impossible to fix. We have earned the reputation where our customers trust us to repair the most expensive exotic cars ever made.

For more information please fell free to call or email us.