Dent Repair at Autodent – The Key to a Perfect Finish

automotive dent repairAt AUTODENT®, we provide you with the best technicians, the newest and most efficient solutions, and, ultimately with the best price for any dent repair or paint repair services you may need.

The Usual Process

A dent on your car, depending on its severity, might require one or even several techniques in order to be removed; it can either be pushed out forwardly from the rear of the dented area or, if that fails, it can be pulled out from the level area, in order to be evened with the panel surrounding it.

Sometimes, holes have to be drilled in the dent and screws are used to pull the dent back in place. Filler may be used for the holes and the surface may be evened by hammering and grinding.

Paint repair is a process that requires time and money. Usually, it implies repainting the entire surface of the car, meaning that the shade of the paint has to be identified, the wax has to be removed and the protective coating has to be dissolved in order for the new layer or layers of paint to be applied until the resulting color matches your car’s initial shade.

Our Way

At AUTODENT®, we use a different technique, which, although discovered in the 1940’s, is rather new to the public. It is called paintless dent repair and it does not require drilling holes, hammering or any major work on your car’s panel.

We have a highly skilled team of technicians, all with relevant experience in using this technique, able to restore the metal sheets to their sheet initial shape fast and safe, using special tools.

Our services cover door dings, hail damage dents, golf ball dents and even the dents caused by the shopping carts when you hurry to empty them and you do not worry about securing them. When we are done with it, your car will look like new and you will not be able to spot the place where the dent once was.

Also, if the paint on your car was damaged, we will certainly save you the worries and costs of a full repainting, as we use unique methods that allow us to focus only on the damaged area and have them match the rest of the car in no time, with no signs of the previous damages.

We use special paints and coatings, and we only apply them on impeccably cleaned surfaces. We pay special attention to the paint on your car, making sure that we use the same shade. When our work is done, the area where the paint had originally been removed is undetectable and your car looks like new.

The dents caused by hail or the scratches that mean people or irresponsible children make on your car can be very expensive to fix in other car repair shops, but, with us, all of your problems will be solved cheaply and with excellent results, because, just like you, we love cars and we love to see our clients happy.

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