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At Autodent, we always establish successful relationships with our clients, striving to provide the best service, at reasonable prices, using the best materials on the market. We repair dents, the paint of your car and hail damage does not stand a chance in front of our skilled technicians, ready to leave your car looking like new.

Cars are more than commodities meant to make your life easier, they are part of your personality, of your daily routine, they are responsible with your safety, comfort and well being, and we treat them as such, no matter what their market value is.

Traditional Dent Repair Service

Traditionally, repairing dents involves drilling holes inside them, when it is impossible to access the rear side of the panel. Then in order to achieve a smooth surface you have to use body filler and do some hammering, until the dent fades away and the respective area returns to its initial shape.

Unless these operations are performed by professionals, they can cause even greater damage, because precision is required in order to even the dent and a simple jerking of the hand or a blow in the wrong area can make the panel irreparable.

Paint Repair and Price Implications

If you even needed the paint on your car repaired, you may have already come across so-called specialists who try to trick you into repainting your car entirely, and charge you a fortune for it. Indeed, there are cases when there is no other solution, but there are also situations when local repainting is enough and more important, it costs just a fraction of the repainting price.

The costs are understandable, considering that repainting is a process that implies identifying the shade of the paint, removing the wax coat protecting the paint and applying one or even two or three coats of paint, until the initial color of the car is restored and no differences can be spotted.

Quality - The Value That Sets Us Apart from the Competition

At Autodent, we use a method called paintless dent repair, which does not imply any aggressive techniques drilling holes or hammering, because we narrow down our focus on the dented area. Our experts will carefully and gently manipulate the metal sheet from the back of the vehicle's panel with a special set of tools.

They can do this for almost all the parts of the car, from the roof to the doors and even to the hood. Door dings, hail damage, golf balls dents, they will all be carefully removed, and your car will look like new in no time.

For repainting, we focus on local interventions, so the costs are lower than what our competitors can afford to offer. Our special paint formulas and clear coats will cover any faults and leave you car impeccable.

You will save time, money and you will obtain the best results. As you will soon discover, our mission is to offer you the best in quality, service and price, and we never disappoint our clients.